Teacher Resources

A Note to Teachers

I hope you enjoy what these resources can bring to your everyday teaching experience. If you have any other ideas, or different games, it would be great to hear about them so that I can share them here and we can all build up our repertoire of games and teaching strategies. So please either blog or email me so that we can form a community full of great ideas! Have fun and remember that the joy of music is one that will stay with your students for life.

-Lorena Lewitzka


Three Ways of Communicating

A set of posters that graphically depict three ways of communicating. Suitable to print from A4 to A2 size posters.

Multiple Intelligences

A new paradigm for teaching and learning.


Survey of Things to Consider When Playing

Survey of Things to Consider When Playing.

The Link Between the Performer & the Music

A colourful poster suitable to print from A4 to A2.


Teaching Scenarios

Same useful guidelines for piano teachers about how to encourage, enthuse and motivate students who have had some previous tuition, but are different ages and at different levels.

Teaching Strategies for Piano

16 sets of suggestions and tips, garnered from years of experience, that will help you explain and demonstrate many aspects of learning piano that will accelerate your students progress – and make your job easier.

Beginner Method Overviews

A bulleted review of 18 publications for beginners of various ages that will give you a good idea of which approach might best suit each particular new student.

Elementary Advanced Method Overviews

A review of 15 publications or sets of publications, a couple with CD’s, that will help you choose the best approach and instruction for each of your elementary to advanced students.

If you have any links to relevant sites that you think should also be here, please share them and email to me at: info@lorenas-music.com.au