Student Resources

Musicianship Resources

Circle of 5ths visual aid.
Chord Chart Board.
Major & Minor Scale Ladder game.
Tone-Semitone Step Ladder game.

Teaching Aids1

Classroom Teachers Composers Package

Composer background and history sheets,
tent cards, memory test whorksheets and a Timeline
Chart through Classical Music History.

Teaching Aids2

Composers Poster Set

A huge wall chart depicting the lifespan of composers
from the 1300s up to the present time and a set of 25
famous composer posters.

Teaching Aids3

Piano Related Resources

Posters, a mobile, colour-in sheet and game.


Flash Cards

A set of 64 flash cards for memorising notation.


Keyboard Kapers Orchestra

An 8 page PDF of cut outs for students to assemble to
familiarise them with other instruments and the
sections of an orchestra.


Music Terms & Signs Book and Card Game

Anyone can easily learn, memorise and recall all the
necessary terminology and symbols with these aids.

Teaching Aids6

Place the Notes

A simple device that will help beginners of all ages
quickly learn the correct placement of notes on the staff.

Teaching Aids5

Musical Hopscotch

A great idea for the younger students or the classroom.
Easy and cheap to make from carpet squares and the
Note/Rest stencil kit in A3 and A4 sizes.


Marble Game Devices

Templates, artwork and instructions on how to make 4
great marble game devices that reinforce notes,
notation and keys.