Piano Related Resources

Piano and Keyboard

A set of …

5 PDFs for posters, a mobile and colour-in sheets.


Pianoforte Keyboard


Instructions to make a colourful mobile.


A colour-in sheet to aid black key recognition.


Print A4 sheets with 7 rows of the keyboard and a blank staff beneath each, for students to mark the keys and add the respective notes.


Print two A4 sheets to make an A3 with an Octave of keys.change this text.

Game idea!

To get little ones in a group situation to identify groups of 2/3 black keys. You can play “Lilypads”. Have several of each A4 spread out randomly on the floor. Like musical chairs play music and have children dance around the pond until the music stops. Then they have to find the specified grouping (either 2 black keys or 3). To make it exciting have one less “lilypad” than children so that one child will be “out. They can then help in detecting the next person and be given a percussion instrument to keep with the beat.

Fingering Aids and Training

Numbering fingers posters, fun sheet and activity sheet.