Musicianship Resources

Circle of 5ths

This “clock” enables your students to visualize the key progressions. Clockwise, starting at C, is the progression in the sharp keys, and anticlockwise is the progression in the flat keys. This visual aid can be used according to your creativeness.

I use it for simple improvisation and scale practice in lessons. However there are many more keyboard musicianship skills that can be utilized with this visual aid… the clock concept just helps your student establish and reiterate your teaching visually!


Chord Chart

This is an invaluable tool to concrete either triads using the 3×3 squares or extending to 7th chords using 4×4 squares.

This sharpens the mind of astute students, it is great for improvisation skills, figured bass and general keyboard musicianship.


Major and Minor Scale Ladder

These scale ladders for major and harmonic or melodic minor make learning the notes of scales lots of fun.

They also help you see how your student is processing the theory of the scale formulas rather than relying on rote and/or muscle memory.


Tone-Semitone Step Ladder

Children soon learn how to work out any scale when you reinforce the patterns of tones and semitones. Each rung on the ladder is a semitone so when they place the squares in the right position they see visually the steps in a scale.

A great visual aid used in conjunction with your instrument and you will be surprised how quickly they will be playing the most difficult of scales!