Marble Game Devices

Four amazing marble games from beginner to advanced, each with complete instructions and templates on how to make them.

Simple Marble Game

A neat little device to help beginners learn which notes
go where on the staff.


Arch Marble Game

A fun game for the younger students.
Detailed instructions and templates for the components to print are included.
The Arch Marble Game can be made from any sheet material or from art cardboard. It only requires a sharp knife and PVA glue to make. These only costs a few dollars.
To make a more substantial game use 3mm MDF. This will cost about twice as much as cardboard and will need a saw, drill and bits, shark knife, file and glass paper.
Either method will require adult supervision when using knives and saws. Younger students could ask Dad, Grandpa or a brother to show them how to use these tools or even help them.



Upright Piano Marble Game

Diagrams that show how to make and assemble all the pieces are included.




Marble Game
for the
Advanced Students

A more complex learning aid for the advanced students.